Monetary Policy

Objectives & Functions

The Central Bank of Bougainville is to act as the central bank.
Objectives of the Central Bank
For the advantage of the people of Bougainville, the objectives of the
Central Bank are -


to formulate and implement monetary policy with a view to achieving and maintaining price stability; and


to formulate financial regulation and prudential standards to ensure stability of the financial system in Bougainville;  and


to promote an efficient national and international payments system;  and


subject to the above, to promote macro-economic stability and economic growth in Bougainville.


Functions of the Central Bank


In pursuance of its objectives the Central Bank may -


issue currency; and


act as banker and financial agent to the Government;  and


regulate banking, credit and other financial services as empowered by this Act or by any other law of the Independent State of Bougainville;   and


manage the gold, foreign exchange and other international reserves of Bougainville;  and


perform any function conferred on it by or under any international agreement to which Bougainville is a party;  and


perform any other function conferred on it by or under any other law  of Bougainville.


The Central Bank shall advise the Minister as soon as practicable where it
 considers that a body regulated by the Central Bank is in financial difficulty.


BV Exchange Rate


Last Update: 28 Sep 2017
usd 0.4668
aud 0.2527
gbp 0.3311
eur 0.5002
nzd 45.160
jpy 0.5125
sgd 0.2701
Kina Facility Rate:
Jan 2017 6.25%
Dec 2016 6.25%
Nov 2016 6.25%